Purpose of This Site

Quite simply the purpose of this site will be to deconstruct an “organization”, for lack of a better word, called The HIV Innocence Project, or HIP, for short. The “organization” is now called The HIV Innocence GROUP, or HIG, due to legal matters which are explained below…and for which I partially take gleeful credit.

HIP/HIG was created by a man named Clark Baker as a sub unit of The Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, or OMSJ, for short.  I will write more about OMSJ at a later date.  For now it just needs to be known that Clark Baker is an AIDS Denialist and is using HIP/HIG as a tool, NOT TO HELP PEOPLE, but to further his AIDS Denialist agenda.  That is why he is less than truthful about the supposed success of The HIV Innocence Project/Group, as I will show at this dedicated site.

Clark Baker is an insidious individual.  He is insidious, yet intelligently diabolical.  His extremely intelligent propensity for evil is why he should never be underestimated.

Baker originally called his “organization” The HIV Innocence Project because he, being an AIDS Denialist and Conspiracy Theorist, desperately needed some legitimacy.  Baker therefore tried to ride the coattails of a real, legitimate and highly respected organization called The Innocence Project.

The Innocence Project is highly organized and well respected group of attorneys, scientists and volunteers who use DNA Evidence to exonerate people on Death Row who are falsely accused.

After I and several others alerted The Innocence Project to Bakers less than reputable HIV Innocence Project, Baker was forced to change names.  Baker chose: The HIV Innocence Group.  One glaring, hypocritical difference between Bakers “Group” and the legitimate Innocence Project, is that Baker refuses TRANSPARENCY!  Transparency is one of the hallmarks of the real and legitimate Innocence Project.   If you go to their website, you will find the names of the attorneys, all of the staff and every single case they are working on and those they have helped as well as the specifics of each and every case.

Baker, on the other hand operates solely on lies and innuendo. Baker does not provide a list of attorneys, scientists or staff of any kind.  If you go to Baker’s Innocence Group site, (previously HIV Innocence Project) you will see a list of cases that Baker claims his “group” has helped.  However, even though Baker supplies links for each case, he neglects to link to ANY PROOF that HIP/HIG has helped in any specific way.  As a matter of fact, many times Baker’s links provide extremely contradictory information that he has helped at all….especially when it comes to the foundation of what Baker calls “proof”.  (The Hallmark and Foundation of Baker’s Project/Group is that HIV Science is “junk science” and that “HIV Tests are useless and extremely flawed.”

It is therefore the sole purpose of this site to provide the general public, any attorneys seeking Baker’s help and any interested parties, the proof that Clark Baker’s HIV Innocence Project (now called) HIV Innocence Group is a useless tool of AIDS Denialist propaganda.

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